Best Ways To Keep Your Brain Healthy

Did you know that you are able to experience happiness because of certain chemicals in the brain? Serotonin is one of the chemicals produced in the brain when you feel satisfied or important. What is wonderful about this chemical is that it has a power to upswing your mood. I know people who are always smiling no matter what they are going through in their life. their brains are probably making enough serotonin to keep them in a happy state all the time. For those who are not too fortunate, here are some ways to increase your serotonin level.

One activity which will definitely help is getting plenty of sunlight. Perhaps this will explain why cases of depressions are increasing because they are not getting enough sunlight.

Surya Namaskar

One excellent technique which will boost serotonin level instantly is performing Surya Namaskar by facing the sun. If done in a series, Surya Namaskar is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. Serotonin is also produced when one eats food which has tryptophan. This includes milk, ragi, banana, dark green and leafy vegetables and nuts. Practicing meditation regularly even for a few minutes every day can also keep you balanced and joyful as you experience life’s ups and downs.

Other Most Popular Techniques

Laughing out loud too triggers the feeling of happiness. A relaxing massage, preferably given by a family member or your loving one, definitely makes you blissful. A feeling of great happiness comes when you do any selfless work. like Seva’s or volunteering for a good cause. You can also stock up on your serotonin by just doing your favorite activity.

If you regularly do activities which brings you pleasure, such as dancing, playing music, singing, swimming or cooking, your serotonin increases rapidly.

There are other adventurous activities like forest bathing or climbing a mountain where you can just soak in the freshness of nature and breathe fresh air. Automatically you will feel blissful. If you are blessed with a working faith, a complete trust in higher reality or God, or however you perceive this power also results in the devotional satisfaction that increases serotonin.

Maharshi Patanjali explains happiness with a deeper and richer concept of Santosha or contentment.

In Yoga Sutra 2.42 it is stated


It means contentment endows extreme happiness. And as you know, contentment comes when you are satisfied with everything that you have and do in life. I would like to tell you Make your physical and mental health a priority. Mindfully strive to increase your serotonin level and find your happy place wherever you are.

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